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08 May 2020
Employees new to working from home will need extra guidance to ensure information security. As governments start to loosen restrictions on quarantine and the world begins to go back to 'normal' we may start to notice that more and more employees (and employers even) prefer the benefits of working…
02 April 2020
Do your employees know which documents to send away for shredding and which ones to keep? Ordering Bag-N-Shred confidential shredding bags is a great first step in managing your business's destruction of sensitive corporate documents. However, do your employees know which documents are suitable to…
16 March 2020
Need to shred confidential documents? Don't buy a paper shredder until you read this. Need to shred confidential documents at home or in your office? Before you go out and buy a paper shredder, you may want to consider the advantages of using a secure, confidential shredding bag for your private…
25 February 2020
Feeling overwhelmed by your paperwork clutter? Here's a quick guide to make document decluttering quick and easy. Getting back to work after the holidays is usually a nice change of pace, I've had enough beach time and I'm feeling ready for the new year. But often, the first thing I notice is the…
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