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  1. What is a satchel?

    We have prepared strong and durable satchels for you to fill and return to us. Each satchel can hold up to 5kg of paper-based documents - this is equivalent to two reams (approximately 1,000 sheets) of A4 paper.

    The satchel has been specially coated with a security tint assuring contents cannot be read through a sealed satchel - even when held up to the light.

  2. How much does it cost?

    $19.90 per satchel you send to us.

    Simply sign up for an account and place an order for a satchel, and we'll send you a Bag-N-Shred satchel with a Parcel Post Returns label already attached - shipping is free!

    You can also order your own print-at-home Parcel Post Returns label via the website to affix to a Bag-N-Shred satchel you already have.

  3. What can I get shredded?

    You can include:

    • Loose paper only
    • Staples and paperclips are OK
    • 5kg maximum per satchel

    Do not include:

    • Binders or folders
    • Metal, plastics, CDs/DVDs or electronic media
    • Sharp objects or edges
  4. Where do I get a satchel?

    You can get a satchel in two ways:

    1. Sign up for an account and purchase a Bag-N-Shred satchel that is ready to be filled and posted back to us. You should receive your satchel complete with a Parcel Post Returns label affixed within 7 days.


    1. Pick up a free Bag-N-Shred satchel from one of our trusted partners - you will need to purchase a Parcel Post Returns label in order to post it back to us. Sign up for an account to buy your labels.

  5. I have a satchel, but no Parcel Post Returns label - what do I do?

    Sign up for an account, and choose the I have a satchel option in the Place an order page. You will need one label per satchel. When you have completed payment, your label(s) will be emailed to you within a few minutes.

    You can then either:

    1. Print and affix the label to the marked spot on your Bag-N-Shred satchel.


    1. Present the email of the label at any Post Office (either printed, or from your smartphone or tablet) and they will print and affix a label to your satchel at no additional cost.
  6. Can I track my parcel?

    Yes, you can.

    When you drop your satchel at a Post Office, you will receive a receipt from Australia Post which will include the Article ID. You can use the Article ID to track your package, either on our Track your package page, or directly with Australia Post's Track an Item.

  7. What happens after I drop my satchel at a Post Office?

    Your satchel will be scanned and tracking of your satchels journey to our secure facility will commence. Australia Post will give you a receipt that includes your Article ID. This can be entered on our Track your package page, or directly with Australia Post's Track an Item, where you can see updates of your satchel's journey.

    Upon arrival at our facility the contents of your satchel will be securely and confidentially destroyed using our industrial-strength cross shredding process. The shredded material will be recycled into other paper-based products such as cardboard boxes, toilet paper, hand towels, kitty litter and more, and the Bag-N-Shred satchel will be sent to a plastic recycler to also continue its life cycle.

  8. How do I pay for a satchel or Parcel Post Returns label?

    Payment is made securely online by credit card. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

    We do not store your credit card details, and eWay, our payment provider, securely handles your sensitive data. We never see or touch your card details.

    Data transferred to and from this site, including to eWay, is encrypted by SSL.

  9. How long does the Bag-N-Shred process take?

    After your satchel arrives at our processing facility, your documents will be placed in the destruction batch for that day. The destruction of your documents will typically be completed within 48 hours.

  10. How do I change my address or other details?

    You can change your address or other details in the "My Account" section of this website.

  11. How can I get some Bag-N-Shred satchels for my clients?

    If you want to have Bag-N-Shred satchels ready to give to your clients, simply contact us and we can get you started.

  12. I have more than 5kg documents to destroy - can you help?

    Yes, we can.

    Each Bag-N-Shred satchel can hold up to 5kg of paper-based documents - if you have more than this, you can order more satchels or Parcel Post Returns labels from us - sign up for an account to get started.

  13. How is your service environmentally friendly?

    We send 100% of all our shredded paper to a local recycler where your waste paper is transformed in to other paper products such as cardboard boxes, toilet paper, hand towels, kitty litter... and more! Recycling paper reduces the requirement for the use of virgin materials in the manufacturing of many new paper products.

    Choose Bag-N-Shred and be an active participant of sustainable development. It's simply the right thing to do!

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