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Track your Bag-N-Shred Document Shredding Bag

After you have lodged your shredding bag with Australia Post, you can keep an eye on its delivery progress.

Track my shredding bag

Enter your bag's Article ID below.


Tracking data is provided by Australia Post. You can also enter your Article ID directly on the Australia Post Track and Item website.

Where do I find my Article ID?

Each Bag-N-Shred bag that you send to us will have its own Article ID printed on the Parcel Post Returns label, as well as the receipt that Australia Post give you when you lodge your satchel at a Post Office.

Using your Article ID, you can use Australia Post's tracking tool to see your bag's journey until it reaches our secure facility.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided by Australia Post's tracking system, please contact Australia Post directly.

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